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Monday, November 17, 2008 Y 3:12 AM

I caught Evangelion (1.0): You are not alone, on last Sunday on OKTO. I must first admit, I have never watched any series of Evangelion before, so when I watched this movie, I didn't know exactly what it was about.

My first impression was that the main character was weak. As the movie progresses, I do realised that he has many emotions and issues that he have to deal with too, being 14 and fighting Angels of life and death, having a strange father (which I didn't know what he was up to), having no emotional attachment and bonding to any one. Perhaps, it was easy for me to judge him based on that superficiality that I saw, but deep down and behind, there could be things leading to what constitutes that personality.

I'm not a fan of this type of anime, about machines, about war but it hooked me till the end of the show. Alot of emotions and feelings were conveyed in that movie, although dark at times, but it makes you think of certain things.

Perhaps, I should watch the episodes to really understand what's the hype about.


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