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Monday, November 10, 2008 Y 6:00 AM

Everyone is getting married or having babies. Been to Ken's colleague's baby 1st month sometime back. Chubby lil baby that was sleeping away. There were so many other babies that were there too, and Ken's Boss's son, the lil boy is as big as how long we were together. He's the lil baby that inspired my dear bf to first sms me. Dearie Azi also having her baby soon....and dearie Lionel is as chubby as a bag of rice.

Have you ever seen a life size human plaster? I did wahahahaha. I seen one big one, shorter than me though, that sticks to the object that needs to be plastered for as many hours as I seen. Evil yeah me....hehe....only LS and Ken will know what I'm talking about.

Slaved through 2 weeks and finished a project as well as a presentation for SIG. Think I did okay for the SIG, although it was rather last minute they told me to present. Got free gifts for being the speaker, a useful measuring tape that I could measure my hip fractured patients.

Celebrated Shawnie's birthday on 8th November and Xiaowen's super belated birthday too. For XW, we had it at Tampopo restaurant and yummy, I had my dosage of Japanese curry! Too bad, I didn't go to Mediya, which was a favourite place for me to frequent too but nevertheless, spend time catching up with JC mates, at the expense of me being called an Auntie for my hairstyle (mate! no one else said my hair looked auntish, all said it looked nice! nevertheless, it will determine my drive to grow it long again). As for Shawnie, it's our usual celebration at Grandpa's house coupled with cake and pictionary.

Favourite part? I'm going to Desaru, thanks to Zhu for his kindness! Finally a break overseas! Although short but at least worth it. Think I will be really tired after that.


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