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Sunday, October 12, 2008 Y 7:30 AM

It was a good week so far after all that happened! Went for a relaxing and good facial on Tuesday, cleaned up my dirty choked up face.

Been so tired this week despite not much patients. I wonder how will I cope when my TA goes on holiday for 3 weeks in November.

Went to Liang Court on Thurs with Ken for our favourite Jap food. This time round we had curry rice. The curry sauce has no vege this time and the food was much more expensive. How things changed from the first time we had curry rice. Nevertheless, the food standard is still as good!

Went for Ktv on Sat with Denise. Dunno whether we are being contaminated by too much germs or she's not in good mood, we were all coughing and our throat feels funny or lack of voice. Still it was quite enjoyable to hang out although I'm sure she has her mind on other things too.

Caught Storm Rider the cartoon today with Ken. I have never see such a lousy cartoon....the graphics are not to my standard. Ken is making even more noises about it then I did. Watch the movie, don't bother with the cartoon.

IT's leave for me next week .Got to rest very very well and have fun!


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