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Monday, October 20, 2008 Y 4:23 AM

Had a good rest this week which was unfortunately too short and too fast, but that's the end of the leave that I can take for this whole year, since my dear colleague will be going on long maternity leave soon.

Finally got to have my awaited Seafood Bisque from Saybons...and tried a new flavour, potato and leek. Tasted rather well, like mashed potatoes like Ken says. Shall try that in a big cup next time. Got to try a nice beef burger from this place that we usually dine at Plaza Sing. Ken is tempted by the burger, more than his beef cheese steak. The burger is really delicious, much more nicer than the beef burger at Botak Jones.

Then we got our bites on the delicious Thai food at Jalan Besar again. Mom and Coco came with us this time. We had our favourite tom yam soup, the chilli fish fillet, my favourite shrimp roll and chilli kang kong. The food was pretty cheap and how can I forgot, I had my long awaited pineapple rice! I loved the pineapple rice there, but unfortunately I can only have one small bowl else I will be growing too fat.

On Fri evening, together with Shawn and Ken (my cousin), we went to Bt Timah for Indian food. This time, I had dam briyani as I really wanted to eat briyani after watching Makan sutra. However, I still think the best briyani is at Zam Zam and Andra. Both Ken had nasi pattaya, and we also had our favourite naan and chicken tikka masala. Tried a new dish which both Ken and I preferred it over the chicken tikka masala, butter chicken! Very sweet and easy on the taste bud. Has a more sensous taste compared to our usual favourite. We decided to order that next time instead and forgo our favourite heh heh.

Played Pictionary over the weekends with my cousins. Hilarious laugh that we had over the horrible drawings that some of us had and the silly guesses that we made. Made me realised that some of my cousins really have small and terrible drawings, including myself too. We also played Charades and I can say some of my cousins can act well but some act really horrible haha.

Went over to Ken's ex malay colleague's house for Hari Raya. I really like the houes, so spacious and simple. I also missed having the nice Malay food especially rendang and to my happiness, there was nice rendang cooked by his colleague's mother.

So we had Mac breakfast today too and I can safely say my short rest was all filled with food expeditions haha. No wonder I'm so fat haha.


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