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Tuesday, September 2, 2008 Y 1:19 AM

Some things are just so funny. You know certain things exist but you never really were into them until something sparks in your mind.

Just like this song...I once helped Cy to look for this song lyrics and did up her blog for her, and I heard her said multiple times about this song, but I only got into it now, after watching Wall.E.

Just like how I fell in love with "I wish you love". I was watching this show with Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman and that song caught my attention.

I'm feeling very touched these few days. Thank you to my dear friends, my dear colleagues and my dear bf for being so concerned about me.

Especially with my colleagues. I'm deeply appreciative. I didn't really have this kinda warm experiences with my colleagues in my previous work place (except from my dear OT friends in that tiny little office).

My thanks goes out to my sup, whom ran up and down the hospital to get my medicine and brought the sample for testing. To the registrar who saw me and ran up and down to get me treated. To the MSW who smsed me to ask about me as she didn't see me and gave me advice on how to prevent the illness. To the colleague who helped to cover for me. To those colleagues who saw I was in pain and came to show their concern. I'm truly touched, having to receive such kind of treatment after working 3 long years. It makes me happy and it makes me want to work hard for them.

Not forgetting, thanks to my dear bf who was so worried. Dear LS who came to visit me. Dear Cy who asked me everyday how I'm feeling. Dear Denise who showed concern. Dear Kris who I know is busy with her baby and work but still took time to ask how I am.

I'm not having a major illness, just to clarify to those who are reading my blog. I'm just in the mood to thank all these people whom are so kind and helpful and concerned.

Perhaps, I have been watching too much Wall.E. Feeling sentimental. Luckily I never caught Je'taime Paris, I probably would cry.


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