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Friday, September 19, 2008 Y 10:06 AM

I.......got a new haircut! Super super short haircut.....you wouldn't believe that I really have that short hair now. It's that short until you can see my face features very clearly and that everyone is commenting that it's so much shorter!

Still, I'm happy with my comments so far....positive or negative (although I must say the negative ones that I hear are all pertaining to the fact that they prefer me with longer hair so I look more small girl).

Anyway, I did my BCLS course yesterday and whoopee! Passed upon first attempt, luckily, as I didn't want to redo 5 cycles of 30 compressions over and over again.

Caught Mamma Mia today too.....all ABBA songs, although it sounds funny to hear some people like Pierce Brosnan singing (he looks like he's trying hard to shit).

On a more backdated note, I went for 2 weddings on last Sunday, both of them being Ken's friends. One was at a beach, very lassiere-fairz, with the groom in a white shirt/bermudas/slippers and the bride in a white tube dress with hair hanging loosely and messily around. However simple it may be, it was a nice event. Simple, and casual, and heartwarming.

The other wedding was the usual Chinese wedding dinner at a grand place. As usual, nothing to comment about except that I can't help noticing that my juniors (we are all from same sec sch) looks pretty matured. Maybe being OTs help u look younger and more sloppy compared to people working in business arena.

Looking forward to my non working Saturday again! A weekend for proper rest again! Yay!


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