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Monday, September 8, 2008 Y 6:59 AM

I was reminiscing with my cousins and my friends on the previous few outings I had with them, and I was reminiscing again today by myself. Hence, I decided to blog down some funny or memorable entries, as I didn't had a blog at that time but it was pretty memorable.

This first interesting memory that I had happened during my poly school days, whereby we were given an assignment and we had to pretend to be disabled so that we can have a feel of how it is like and whether the environment in Singapore is disabled friendly. Azi and I paired up together for this project, of course, with my best friend. I was the one who was in the wheelchair and she had to be the one who is visually impaired. This funny incident happened when I was sitting in the wheelchair and she was my caregiver (not blind of course).

Being adventurous, we went to Orchard Lido Cineplex to catch a movie. We went to Megumi's house to pick up the wheelchair and we caught a cab to Orchard. The nice cabbie uncle offered to carried me into the taxi which we vehemently refused, well, you should know why. I'm not really paralysed and I'm sure he can feel that my legs aren't jelly if he carried me. Then in the cab, he asked me what happened and whether it was permanent. I have to blub out some story that it was some accident. To make it worse, he continued asking me whether life was easy for me after the accident which of course I answered that "I'm trying to get used to it", then I kept quiet hoping that he wouldn't ask me anymore questions. Luckily, he didn't asked me anymore questions.

Orchard Lido Cineplex is the worst place you can watch a movie at for a disabled person, particularly one on a wheelchair. The lift only stops at the car park, after which you have to travel through the carpark and then you have to climb a flight of stairs. Like how am I going to climb a flight of stairs when I'm paralysed in my lower limbs? So it took 3 persons, 2 men and Azilah to carry the wheelchair and me up that steep flight of stairs and into, Lido Cineplex. I was already very embarrased by then, having to have 2 men to carry me up the stairs.

To make things worse, we, being too overambitious, thinking that we have a wheelchair, bought a large popcorn, with 2 drinks and 2 ice cream cones. After which, we happily went into the cinema, with the help of a stairs elevator, that brought me and the wheelchair up to the cinema. We only realised what we had done when we went into the cinema. As I said, Lido is really not a disabled friendly place. There are no places to accomodate a wheelchair and hence, Azi had to transfer me to the movie seat. They placed us at the end of the cinema too, right in front of where the entrance is. So, we were blocking people coming into the cinema when we were pondering how we are going to do it, given that we had 2 ice cream cones and a large popcorn and two drinks to attend to.

The hero, at this point, appeared. A macho guy with lotsa muscles that was sitting in the seat in front of us, stood up and offered to help. We both knew he was going to offer to carry me but of course, we would never let him! Owing to the fear that my fake disability may be exposed. Hence when he asked "can I help you?", we both say animously "Yes, you can! Please help us hold the ice cream!". After which, Azi thrusted him the ice cream and hurridly transferred me to the movie seat, leaving him standing there with 2 ice cream cones looking surprised.

We could never forget his face and the sight of him with 2 ice cream cones. We were giggling like mad behind him and trying to stifle up our giggles. After which, we laughed even more as we tried to recall the incident.

The best was, a week later, we both went back to the cinema again, as the silly me dropped my pass in the cinema. I went back, wearing the same clothes but this time, I was walking. Ha, I supposed no one recognised me. Guess, this was just some fun I was trying to have.

Brain has stopped functioning now, although I would like to reminisence more but I'm feeling very tired. Guess, I will have to continue some other time when I remember.


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