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Saturday, September 27, 2008 Y 10:27 AM

I have got a sprained wrist.....and I got a resting hand splint....haha besides the one that I made for my classmates in poly, which I can't wear, this is my personal one for me to wear it.

Thanks to my godzilla cousin, well, actually, I don't know how he did it also. He isn't really that strong considering that he is only 13y.o. He can't even beat Min in an arm strength challenge. Nevertheless, he managed to twist my left wrist and "crack", everyone heard a sound. It went really swollen on Monday and I had to see a doctor. My dear sup said that they can actually make a wrist splint to immobolize it during work so that I don't further aggravate it.

However, until now, I still have severe pain. Wanted to see a Chinese sinseh today but suddenly came down with fever. Luckily, I saw a good dr (I will frequent that clinic whenever I get real sick cause they always make me recover) who found out that I was having stomach flu and immediately gave me med, although I don't feel so much symptoms yet. Now I'm fever free.

I guess a good GP makes a different. Whenever I visit the GP at my neighbourhood, I always end up sicker. I was very impressed, once again, by this GP in BB that my bf introduced me to. He doesn't just stopped at checking your temperature, and asking whether you have flu or cough (which I didn't have). Well and if you didn't, he dismissed it as possibility of URTI and just give you fever and anti inflammatory medicine. Nah, he didn't do any of those that is what typically the drs in my neighbourhood will do. Instead, he proceed on to ask me how was my appetite, whether I felt any stomach upset, whether I feel any bloatedness, any need for vomiting. True enough, I did felt this symptoms, but I thought I was just experiencing it as I have fever or I took a uncomfortable ride home on Friday that cause all this.

After that, he checked my stomach and found out I do have pain and bloatedness. He even answered me patiently and explained how he knew I had stomach flu, despite I had no diarrhea and I did not vomit, just felt like vomiting only.

I am truly impressed, as he really spend a thought to really investigate what it was. He spend a thorough 20 minutes with me. In fact, I was impressed with his foresight. His final question to me was that whether I have gastric problems. And the reason he asked me that was because he told me that I will have poor appetite due to the stomach flu and I will then experience gastric as I'm not eating well, hence he will need to prescribe me gastric medicine to help me through too.

Of all the years I have been seeing my GP in my neighbourhood, no one bothered asking me this question. True enough, I always experience gastric after fever or stomach flu and never once, from my neighbourhood GP, I received such thorough examination.

Honestly, if you see a good GP, you will end up recovering faster and you don't need to spend even more money just to get better because the GP prescribed you with medicine that doesn't treats your problem. Just like now, I don't have anymore fever. I didn't have diarrhea as I had medication to prevent that. I only have some slight gastric pain but I still could eat a little. I'm recovering pretty fast compared to if I seen my normal GP.

I guess I just have to travel a little bit further to get good consultation, considering that the clinic is in Bukit Batok and I am in Woodlands. Plus, the fact is, the bills are much more expensive compared to when I see my GP in my neighbourhood, but hey, it gives good results.

Caught Painted Skin with Ken this week too. I supposed it's a show I would have never gone to watch if Ken didn't proposed it as I doubt my friends or my cousins would watch it. However, I was surprised by the movie. The CG were crap though, the stunts too exaggerated but the love and emotions that flows in the movie, it was so real and you could really feel for the characters. Being me, the silly person who always cry at sad scenes, I teared alot in the movie, as I felt really sad for the wife in the movie. I must say I'm impressed with Zhao Wei's acting this time round. I hardly see her in such role as a faithful, devoted, matured wife. Not a bad movie to watch after all, and it's really not scary at all!

Time to rest the poor wrist.....which will get too numb and painful if I type too much.


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