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Sunday, August 31, 2008 Y 9:11 AM

This post is dedicated to my mom. I know it's strange that I'm writing it now when I could have write it on Mother's Day. Well, I don't believe that you have to celebrate things or do certain things just because it's that day sometimes. Sometimes, it just strike your mind that you have to do certain things although it may not be the occasion.

It striked me to write a post about my mom when I bought her a vcd yesterday. A show where her favourite actor was in it.

My mom is a forty plus women with long rebonded hair. Age is sensitive to her and no one is allowed to call her old else she will nag at you. Many times I used to wonder, why is it that my mom has such long hair when other aunties are cutting their's short? My mom is just different, she wanted long hair as she believed short hair is terribly ugly. Many times she nagged at me for cutting my hair short as she said I was too boyish looking. She even gone through the length of making her hair straight by rebonding so she could look prettier.

Yes, that's how vain my mom is. She has rebonded hair, very fair skin, very skinny body frame and she's fully make up all the time. She uses things like whitening products and sunblock religiously to keep her skin fair and her wrinkles away. She eats like a bird to keep her body thin, so thin until I can't even fit into her clothes but she can. She puts on make up to work everyday and when she's not working, she puts on at least foundation and eyebrow makeup to go out. She says it helps to keep the skin clear from dust and pollution with the foundation. She borrows my clothes, bags and shoes to wear out and she uses my facial or body products too.

I realised my mom is just like a sister that I never have, with the exception that she is older from me but always using my things, eating up my ice cream and crackers. When I go out with her, I'm always being mistaken as her sister. Something which I don't like because I didn't know whether it means she's youthful looking or I'm matured looking but at times, I'm glad as it means my mom is still young and vibrant.

Her favourite actors are always consistent with my favourite actors. I used to like Takeshi Sorimachi but after that, the craze died down. My mom continued liking him though and hung his picture over her window (previously it was over my window). After that, she started liking Takeshi Kaneshiro and she keeps pictures of him in her wallet. She even went to the extent of cutting his picture out from the magazine! Can you believe that? I could have just gone to Comics Connection to buy the photograph for her. She was ecstatic when I gave her the vcd featuring Takeshi Kaneshiro in it.

She has more male friends than me. She has his group of little boys who are like in their 10s and 20s hanging out with her. I don't fancy them though because all they want to know about me is whether I'm pretty or available to be their gf. She does more vanity stuff and more adventurous stuff than me at times. She went to the HSBC tree top walk with her friend, goes for manicure and pedicure session with her friends and buys nail moisturiser to moisturise her nails. Me? I can't even be bothered with my nails.

She is extremely talented though. She makes really nice crocheted items that are really popular within my family members and my friends. And she makes really nice beaded items that are also very popular. During Chinese New Year, she makes pretty lanterns that her friends and my family members asked for her help in it. My friends ever told me that if my mom was a set up a store, she could make her things sell. She's not so fantastic in cooking given that she seldom cook but what she cook is always edible and good for my appetite as I love her home cooked food. She's not that hardworking in doing housework too but she does a decent job out of it.

She has a fiery temper but yet she can be quite silly at times, being vulnerable at times. She's really hardworking in her work, being a good worker that does her job well and being responsible.

She pampers me a lot although sometimes we quarrel and we don't talk but as I grow older, I learned to say sorry. She tided me through during my dark periods and when I was away in Australia. She missed me alot when I was in Australia for a year.

She's my dearest mom and I love her so. I'm proud of my mom who painstakingly brought me up despite our odd circumstances. As I grow older, I learn to forgive my mom on certain issues too. People make mistakes and in everyone of us, there are some silliness that we can't help it. I love my mom, good or bad, she's the angel that brought me to this world and guided me through. She's the kind mother who also loved my partner as much as she loved her own child.

So cheesy it may sound, I would like to end this entry with a big THANK YOU to my beloved mom. Thank you for being there, for teaching and helping me and for loving me.


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