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Saturday, August 9, 2008 Y 8:06 PM

A refreshing walk for 3 hours is indeed tiring yet it helps to perk up my senses and also have fun with my family.

A last minute change of plan from standing for 3 - 4 hours in the sun to a 3 - 4 hours walk. On contrary, there was no sun. It was raining instead. We were glad that we didn't go for the former as it would ended up us standing there miserably.

Who are the people involved in this walk? Needless to say my family members that ranges from my cousins (Coco, Lat, Gerald, Shawn, Ken and Hui) to my aunts and uncles (Aunt Connie and Hubby and Aunt Jenny). I was quite surprised by my aunts sportiness as it's no joke walking around for 3 hours non stop.

So we started out at HarbourFront, where we went through the Marang Trail. Lots of steep steps and many flights of them to climb up through the forest. The lil kids ran all the way up, having too much energy. The teens and the young adult (me to say) were in the middle, walking up faster but having conversations together. The middle age group tag behind, having to endure the ordeal of stairs climbing.

Then we reached Mt Faber park, where we could see the cable car and the scenary of buildings underneath it, spreading out to water and fields of flowers.

So on we walk, to where we have been waiting to go: Henderson's Waves. I have seen and heard so much of the bridge I can't wait to see it.

The bridge was magnificent, maybe not magnificent as if grand, but it was wonderful. You could see waves after waves, and underneath the waves, there were wooden planks of seat for people to rest on. The bridge was made of sturdy wood and it was roughly 30m in height, towering high above 12 storeys of HDB flat. The cars traveling on Henderson Road looks tiny compared to when I see them on the overhead bridge. Aunt and I was scared stiff when walking to the edge to peer over as we had height phobia but being me, I just have to go near and look over a few times.

However, the one that thrilled me most was actually the Alexandra Arch. Big metal bridges that linked us from the Henderson's Waves all the way to Hort Park. It reminded me of the Tree Top walk that I been to in Australia, except that this was more sturdy. Aunt Jenny slipped and fell halfway, due to the excitement that she was trying to rush forward to be under the umbrella. We were all laughing at it, finding it really funny.

Then we reached Hort Park, where we saw pretty flowers and then down we walked, seeing beautiful prototypes (some nice architectural pieces) and glasshouses. It was a pity it was evening by then. It would have been lovely if it was in the morning!

The lovely walk ended with a sumptous dinner at Jurong East Central, where everyone tucked in hungrily after our 3 hours plus walk.

Everyone was very tired but happy with the adventure, longing for the next adventure to come by soon.

And the best, I had a good night sleep and awoke to the morning with MacDonald's breakfast (hotcakes with sausage)!


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