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Thursday, August 28, 2008 Y 7:04 AM

It's time to add in some good news to this place.

Dear Cy is getting hitched with her fiance in 2009! One more friend getting married and I'm so happy for her!

Dearest Denise got her sponsorship from AH and her masters application was accepted by La Trobe Uni, so I got a OT Masters friend in my clique now. Plus, she finally got to meet my friend LS, and now we all know each other! We even went out to Henderson's Waves together!

Dear BF is 5 months pregnant now and her stomach is showing finally! She got to wear her own clothes now cause our uniform no longer fit her!

Dear Shawnie got his place in an ice cream factory for attachment which he is too overjoyed and now asking me to treat him everytime!

I'm gg to get confirmed soon! I think I'm confirmed since they are sending me to the BCLS course which they will only do so if you are confirmed. Haha but then don't be too sure, but positive thinking is good!

To what has happened the past days or weeks:

1. Been to another round of Henderson's Waves walk with Denise and LS.

2. Been to Zhu's office bbq gathering.

3. Met up Cy to cut my hair.

4. Cy brought me to a new place called Rail Mall, and we ate at a restaurant called Hooked.

5. Caught "Meet Dave" with Zhu and cousins.

6. Had a good dinner with LS at Sakae sushi.

7. Quarelled with Zhu! Ahahaha all the time!

I have no idea why I wrote all this down but it was for memory, as I see people getting dementia and forgetting everything, I want to remember everything as much as I could, especially good times spent with everyone.


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