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Monday, August 4, 2008 Y 7:36 AM

I do not understand the logic of why you have to watch the same movie with the same person twice, of the opposite sex and you didn't bother to tell me. Perhaps to you, it's not important that you are watching a movie with her, and there is nothing going on between both of you and that there is one other person (dunno female or male) around also.

But I'm upset because you could choose to watch the movie alone or with others but you have to die die choose the same person and you don't even bother to tell. To you it means nothing, but to me it means alot.

I think that you enjoy watching the movie with her cause you can understand better and then discuss with her better. That's how it appeared when we went to watch the movie together with her. You seemed to be much happier discussing with her and she seemed to be able to meet your frequency better than me. I felt stupid having the discussion with me cause you only keep disagreeing with me, but yet you seemed to agree with her everything. You can speak to her about the f1 car for like 10 minutes and left me and her sister standing there stupidly.

I know there are always things that I cannot be your frequency. In my mind, I query was it you who asked her to watch it together with you again because that totally upsets me....perhaps you asked her to watch again so that you both can talk about it....that just makes me wonder is it because I'm not good enough of your frequency to talk to you about it, or you prefer talking to her about it?

And then, the thing is I couldn't make too much fuss out of it, cause then you will think it's ridiculous and just ignore me, which you are doing it again. Why bother to get myself hit on the wall when I know that it's always me that will get ignored?

Perhaps once, you can try understanding from my viewpoint.


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