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Saturday, August 30, 2008 Y 8:11 PM

I caught Wall.E on the big screen today, with Ken. Went to Jurong East Cinema as I had vouchers. I disliked Jurong Cineplex because of the horrible toilets and the smell but then you cannot deny that the cinema food there are super cheap. $5.00 for nachos and drinks. If you get it from Cathay or Eng Wah, you pay like $8 to get a tray of nachos lesser than what Jurong Cinema gives you.

Wall.E caught my attention ages ago, since last year, when I saw it as a trailer at movie that I was watching. I think the first time I saw it was when I went to watch "Ratatouille". I didn't like it initially but then after a few times of seeing the trailer, I actually started to get interested in it. After all, it's a Walt Disney production and I liked all the Walt Disney production so far.

The movie started with it's usual Pixar animation. This was a new one that I have never seen before. It was about a magician and a rabbit and his magical hat. As usual, Pixar short stories never fail to get your laughter with the silliness and comical jokes involved. I had a good laugh over the silly rabbit that was trying to get the magician to feed him his carrot and the silly magician getting injured by all the silly tricks he tried on the rabbit.

Then, the main story came onto the screen. For the first half of the movie, you couldn't really hear much communication. The only form of communication you hear are sounds of exasperation, laughter and etc. There are no words spoken except for names "Wall.E" and "Eva". It was as if I went back time to watch a Charlie Chaplin movie, seeing everything enacted without sound. In fact, I like Charlie Chaplin's shows, they do not have any noise but they are very hilarious.

You see that Earth was badly destroyed and polluted by human's wastage and toxins produced by people and machines. Somehow, it gives you this message that humans are indeed destroying Earth with the huge amount of toxins we produced and that is what Earth may become in years later.

This robotic machine Wall.E actually got my heart. One little box with wheels and funny looking scopic eyes. One little metallic piece brought to life with animation. He had the feelings of human after living on Earth on so long, being lonely and spending time only with a cockroach. That is the beauty of Walt Disney animation. Things you see in reality that are just mechanical or disgusting (like cockroaches) can become something really sweet and heartwarming in animation. Wall.E has really eccentric liking and he has developed his own character.

I like the some scenes whereby it was really cute or heartwarming: Wall.E waiting in front of the TV, clicking his hands together, hoping that the tape will be alright after Eva spoilt it; dancing with a round cap pretending it was a hat; playing with the fire extinguisher; knocking his head around in his "home" in the morning when solar energy was down; dragging a non communicative Eva around and pretending to be on a date with her; and so many more.

The beauty of this animation was, you didn't need much communication to feel what was being expressed in the movie. You didn't needed facial expressions vividly to feel the emotions. This is how Walt Disney captures your hearts. Bringing things to live, like fishes, rat, monsters or robots. Bringing things close to your heart. Making simple things heartwarming to you.

This is one movie that is worth watching.


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