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Thursday, July 24, 2008 Y 8:02 AM

Mom's gotten 8 tickets to NDP so I'm going to watch my first ever NDP! At the floating stage, a new location! I don't think I will like the crowd though but I will try my best to bear with it.

Luckily I ever caught a soccer match at National Stadium before so not that bad, i still get to have scenes of it, minus the times I visit Ken at his old workplace.

Went for facial on Tuesday. It's been such a long time I had facial and I honestly tell you, I was horrified by the outcome. So red and dotty. I simply didn't feel like going to work the next day but luckily it subsided the next day to a bit of redness and dottiness. And now I have some pimples popping out. The rest of the skin is clear though. The extraction process is still really painful! Well at least Ken wouldn't always comment that I have alot of blackheads now and keep asking me to go facial.

The beautician actually told me that if she look at me normally I appeared to be in my early twenties but when she look at my skin then she knows I'm about 25. Sigh, my skin is aging already. Luckily she said 25 and not 30. At least it's still younger than my actual age. I really need to be less lazy and take care of my skin. Also need to start applying sunblock on body but oh gosh, I can't stand the sunblock smell on body. Nothing is worse then having wrinkles on the face!

I was very happy recently cause I received comments of being a good therapist from the patients and family. It picks me up to know that I'm not failing as a duty of a physical therapist yet.

Oh yeah, I discovered that Honey and Clover has Japanese and Taiwanese drama series! Of course, I would prefer the Japanese drama series more. Horrible, the Japanese one made Morita san look so horrible!! But Takemoto and Mayama looks real good! Haagu is really pretty in the drama serial, didn't look so childish as in the anime. And I realised that I read Zettai Kareshi in comic version before haha. Thanks to CY for telling me stuff, I got to rewatch the old "Itzunara no Kiss" (Taiwanese also got one version called Er Zhuo Ju Zhi Wen, of course I prefer the Jap one). Although I have to admit that Kotoko in Taiwanese version looks more like the one in the anime compared to the Japanese one where the girl was so loud, has such big ears and thick lips. I bet you hundreds that if Ken saw that girl, he will tell me that I look like her (because of the stupid ears, he's really horrible). Still I love the guy in the Japanese version, he's good looking! And the show was super sweet! I'm also watching the anime version on Crunchyroll now heehee.

An outing with my dear ex fellow colleagues tomorrow. They are so kind and sweet to me, and I really appreciate it. Thanks ya peepz!

N.B: Sorry Zhu for flaring up at you when I understand that you really have a tiring and hard time recently. Good luck k?

And this is random but Strawberry Oreo bubble tea tastes really great!


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