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Saturday, July 26, 2008 Y 10:52 PM

Made a trip down to Holland V on Friday night to meet up with my bunch of IMH colleagues, at Essential Brewz.

Heard of raves of that place before but have never tried it before.

Stepped into the restaurant and headed upstairs, where my gut feelings tells me the ladies and gentleman were most likely to be up there. Beholded the sight of a group of them sitting in a little dark corner, all on the group. So I kept my shoes at the shoe cupboard provided and walk towards them, to realised that the lights has gone off cause they were spoilt. We got candles in the end, to make up for the lost of lights, and it made it more romantic than ever. Jayson T came to join later on, which I tot he has gone away to Burger King again before coming to join us. Alas, my mistake. Sorry dude.

This is my second time that I went out with them and we end up sitting on the floor (the first being Ambrosia). I must be getting old because I don't remember that I have such terrible soreness when I was in Ambrosia, or the physical setting has really been killing me.

Had a variety of food, Fish fillet with oolong sauce, chicken with oolong sauce, steak with earl grey tea, rice balls, tofu steak, baby potatoes, seafood pasta and desserts. I think it was tiramisu, cream brulee and one yummy thing with corn flakes which I don't know what it's name. My favourite dishes are the baby potatoes, fish with oolong sauce and chicken with oolong sauce.

Caught up with the bunch of them on some gossips personally and work wise. Well, not all of them hahaha.

Moved on to StarBucks after that. Had a horrible Pina Colado Drink. Please don't ever get that, horrible mix of pineapples and coconut. Didn't taste so bad as a cocktail but as a blended drink, horrible. Talk about our usual out of topics topics again. 10ish saw the breaking up of the group as everyone headed to home or another place to continue on Friday night. I belong to the former as I had to work the next day. Goodbye to July's outing and hello to August outing.

Terribly pissed on Sat, felt that I had lack of staff, too much patients to see and A class patients are too demanding. Was affected awhile but then off work saw a different side of me. I need to relax and forget about it. So I went with my cousin to had a nice meal at Mos Burger then walk around a bit, where I gotten my L'oreal Kids shampoo and conditioner.

Still not feeling enough to cover for the dissatisfaction, I told Mr Lim that I would like to have Botak Jones, and off we went there with my cousins. Had my favourite F & C!! And beef cheese fries, and I stole a bit of this beef steak. Ah, that does the deed of fulfilling my satisfaction.

Went back to grandpa's place and played games with my cousins, they never fail to make me laugh.

At the end of day, I was happily satisfied. And what makes it best? finally i can go online on Sat night and talk to people on msn, especially Zhu! Hee.


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