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Monday, July 21, 2008 Y 7:36 AM

It was a date out with Mr Lim over the weekend. We hadn't done that in ages! And I really mean ages! It's usually him lazing at my house or I snoozing away on his bed while he fattens up his fishes. Or hanging out with my cousins or family at grandpa's house or the gym.

So we went to City Hall, where he brought me to Marvelous Cream (French Parfuit) to have my favourite dessert...Ice Cream! It was this new pinkish Japanese shop that opened up in City Link mall whereby you are greeted in Japanese by a guy standing next to the door when you stepped in. So you can choose different types of ice cream and I chose a Rocky Road classic....super chocolatey stuff. They mixed the ice cream, chocolate, marshmallows together like as if they were frying stuff on teppanyaki. I choose a chocolate waffle basket too! The chocolates were really nice, Belgium chocolate and the ice cream was just nice too, not too sweet! It's a takeaway though, so you have to walk while you eat or find somewhere else to sit down.

I didn't realised that the construction of the underpass to Suntec City was already completed. That shows how long I hadn't been to town. And Suntec City looks kinda different now.

We caught a movie "Red Cliff" at Suntec, after I told Mr Lim that I would really like to watch the show. I was glad I watched it. Really intrigued by the battle techniques used by the different leaders. They are all very smart which lead me to thinking that how interesting that such genius people existed multiple centuries again and how come they aren't that smart now? Maybe they are but I wasn't exposed to it. It was a pretty long movie so I'm waiting to see part 2 of it, where Cao Cao and Dong Wu goes into the battle at Red Cliff.

As usual, we went into arcade and Mr Lim played his Jap drifting care game again whereby he got the "best looking car" title. Hmm, I wonder why....it's just some orangey stuff that don't look very fanciful to me? See, he will come and kill me after reading this.

It was a short date out but nevertheless I enjoyed it as we hadn't had much of a date out for a long long time.

And today, I made my first foot splint. It was horrible, so difficult to do it. Plus I got scolded by the consultant....but that is work...we all make mistakes....just have to learn from it and take it from strides.


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