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Wednesday, July 2, 2008 Y 8:19 AM

I tot I would hate the idea of working on a Sat after many years of pampering of being not working on Sat. Surprisingly I wasn't that resentful towards the idea. Perhaps that was because it happened that the Sat that I was working, I was home early on Fri and I fell asleep early.

Only started to realise that I didn't had enough of a weekend when I ended work late at 2.30pm and on Sunday night where I still did not have enough fun.

Well at least it was alternate Sat and this is a non working Sat! Such bliss to be nua-ing at home for 2 whole days.

Been sleeping at 10 plus and 11 plus recently. Hee but I only wake up at 6.40am or 7am (depending on where I'm located). So sleep is enough! And sleep for me, the sleeping beauty so called, is very very important. Otherwise I will get cranky and irritated.

Been told by my sup that I seemed to be coping well, given that I usually end at 6.00pm. Huh! I end work at 5.30pm and 6pm is considered the norm haha. Query coping well, haha esp today when I saw something that not even the doctors can understand why it was so. Felt incompetent today, but picked things up slowly.

Celebrated Yoges's birthday over last weekend, with pizza, a crying baby and our dear friends and bf's husband. Realised that gathering is always at Kris's house now due to our baby Lionel needing his Mommy alot hee hee.

After that, got to rush to Grandpa's house to celebrate Aunt Jenny's birthday. I always enjoy gathering with my family and having fun together with my cousins. They are such a lovely bunch to be with, just sitting there and talking to them brightens up my day too. And they get me involve in sports, which is really important.

Just caught L change the world on dvd with Mr Lim, thanks to him for renting it. Not too bad, I didn't mind seeing L running around...although I'm not too used to him being such a hero...like he can run that fast? Or he can jumped on a plane and try to drag himself up although he's falling from the plane? Or stopping a plane? It's like he's so smart and heroic. Can't really imagine that.

Yawnz, tired....gtg Zzzzz....way past sleeping time already....bad...but hey it's 7am wake up call tomorrow haha! Wooo hoo!!!


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