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Friday, July 18, 2008 Y 10:27 PM

Hail to online surfing life again! 4 months without internet, only borrowing it from office computer (which now I can't even borrow from my new office cause it's like old granny that is 80y.o, moving that that speed and processing that slowly) and Zhu's computer.

Now I have my own new computer and own internet!

So Zhu stayed up all the way till 3 plus at night to help me set up my com while I sleep away happily on the bed behind him. See, that's what happens when you have a trusty someone that helps you fix your com and yet allowing to snooze away. Thank you Zhu! Thanks to you I got to use my fast processing, wide screen computer now to play with the internet and chat to others on MSN.

Met up with the poly girls last weekend to celebrate my birthday and I saw dear Baby Lionel at his 2 months soon to be. He looks really good now! Super chubby with double chin, a round round face and he's definitely very alert and not cranky and crying all the time. He allowed me to carry him at least 10 minutes and smiled and interacted with me in baby language. And you know, he has good head control, so I'm sure he must be a really physically strong baby hee hee.

Played this game called The King's Game at my grandpa's house with my cousins. Poor Mini Ken and Gerald had to do the Gatsby spray advertisement in front of the whole family for getting the forfeit. It was simply hilarious. Shawnie wants to play it again today. I suspect they really got addicted to it haha.

And we caught Hellboy together too! Can't imagine I actually watched Hellboy 1 and 2 when I think in the past, I would think this is a horrible show.

Zhu is very happy now as he is now happily surfing away on his lappy using the wireless connection that he has been nagging me to get it fixed so that he could come over to my house to use it. And he is eyeing to install his games onto my com. I bet he will be very happy shooting people if he did that.

So hello world, you will see me very often from now on!


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