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Saturday, June 14, 2008 Y 11:45 AM

Komachi Mr Ejima san did cut my hair short on Monday when I went to him for hair cut.

So I have short hair now. I don't know whether I written this before as I can't remember.

Caught Kungfu Panda, silly little show but hey, it's cartoon, it's meant to be silly and enjoyable.

Ken brought Mom and my cousins to have Thai food at Jalan Besar on Friday. I really like the seafood Tom Yam soup! It's very very spicy but yet it has this sweetness in it that's simply tasteful. I like the fish with thai chilli too, very crunchy and the chilli is sweet and spicy. The pineapple rice is nice too but a pity that it was too cold. Oh I love the spring rolls too, very crunchy and delicious!

Besides we saw cute hammies in one of the pet shop in Lavender. I secretly still think my 3 lil hammies are cuter although they are lumps of fat and they fight and squeak often.

Met up with Shawn, Ken and Hui afterwards to go to Queensway. It's like family outing with Ken, Min, Hui, Shawn, Gerald and Lat Lat and Mom and Ken and me. I bought socks and a bag in preparation for work. Mr Lim gone to his vanity chase again and bought sports stuff again......not really vanity since he only likes sports stuff. Even Latricia asked him why is he always in sports attire and Gerald asked him why he always carry a bag around. Haha, imagine how he is like for kids to ask that question.

Saw baby Lionel today! He has grown bigger, and fairer too. He's really adorable when he's sleeping, smiling with one side of the mouth twitching only. Although he's scary when he starts bawling for his milk. I carried him and played with him a bit. He's still too small to be more of a fun but well, I guess we have to wait patiently.

Thanks to the grouchy old man who kept complaining that he doesn't likes to rush around weekends, that he only likes to stay at home to 'nua', that he is a loner and blah blah blah. I know you are those qualities you mentioned but thank you for hanging out with me and going around with me. Appreciate it lots!!!! I'll stay home to nua with you sometime okie?


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