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Sunday, June 22, 2008 Y 8:45 AM

I dislike people who only know how to whine and seek attention. I wish I could just tell such people to "shut up". Perhaps I'm a person with no patience and I speak only the truth.

Some people just have to get a slap to wake up. I don't care if these people hate me or not. Honestly, sometimes I really get pissed with such people. It hurts to know when you are concerned about someone, they backstabbed you. I hate such people and I can't be bothered about them.

I'm glad my good friends are all sane and normal, and having exposed to my words, they know how I am like. Just the same as how they throw words to me, they maybe mean, they maybe the truth, but it's all meant for the good of me. That's how I know my gang of friends as they are so truthful.

New work is okay so far but very very very tiring. I dun know much people there and Monday morning, I woke up feeling denial that I shouldn't have quit my job at IMH. Luckily, so far work is okay although I don't have the gang of friends I have at IMH.

Too tired to blog but was super pissed off by something that's why I wanted to blog. I hate backstabbers.


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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