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Saturday, June 7, 2008 Y 8:24 AM

4 more days till I leave IMH...it's been 3 years and 3 months I'm there. In fact, this is stepping into my 3rd month of th 4th year.

Somehow the increasing workload is making me miss IMH more....many are telling me that you don't get such R & R time and you don't get to go home sharp after work at other places.

I don't get the feeling I'm leaving yet....as the days grow shorter, I felt more like staying but yet I felt really happy to be moving on to somewhere else to try new things.

I will definitely miss my colleagues.

Had a farewell dinner with Eunice Li, and it makes me wonder how will I feel when I have mine (if I have one). Imagine leaving a place that you have been working so long at. I suddenly long to know what will happen when I leave.

Of course, I'm even more apprehensive of what sort of people will I meet in St Luke.

Just as how heaven has made me fell sick for no reason and I thought I might die because I have dengue, but yet I survived without dengue, I hope heaven will also makes things flow smoothly for me in future.

I'm no believer in religion but at times, I hope what is in store in me will only help to make me a better person and my life better.

So I'm going for a haircut on Monday.....which I hope the person wouldn't just cut my hair short....but well, new life, new look, start afresh.


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That is why they call it
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