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Sunday, April 27, 2008 Y 5:53 AM

You know you are getting old when you keep attending weddings of people of the same age as you. I just went for Bonnie, one of my colleagues, and Eddy's wedding on 15/4/08 at Regent Singapore. It was a Tuesday night and we were all rushing after work to get down there. I was totally deadbeat by the end of the night, considering that I detour to my cousin's house also. It's a bad idea to attend a wedding dinner on weekday, you turn out dead the next day at work.

Everything was just so so but the nicest was the bride. She looked so pretty and radiant in her make up, hairdo and wedding gown. It was a very lovely wedding gown that was nicely coupled with a nice hairdo which made her look very Victorian. I was seated with the craziest bunch of people at my table and I supposed they made the greatest amount of noise out of all the tables.

Went to catch Forbidden Kingdom last Saturday with my cousins, been some time since we all hang out together. Stupid show that is a plot of rubbish. Watch it only if you want to see Jackie Chan and Jet Li only. They do have very good scenes for both of them.

Went out with my bunch of colleagues on the Friday that just past. We went to Waraku for dinner. I didn't enjoy the dinner, too noisy and no decent conversation was going on. I didn't like the noise and I didn't like how the conversation flow (it was basically just crap). A few of us did continue to hang out after that and the conversation was better afterwards.

Had a good day out with Denise and Doreen yesterday. Started off with a good breakfast with Zhu at MacDonalds, how long it was since we had breakfast together outside. Then met up with Denise and Dodo to eat dim sum at Yum Cha. After that we had a good KTV session at Chinatown's partyworld.

Met up with Zhu Zhu and his friends for dinner at New York New York. I was pretty stuff to the brim with food yesterday. Then today, had a heavy lunch with Zhu Zhu and his friends at Ikea, with yummy meatballs, mushroom soup, fruit salad and chicken wings.

Went to the fish farms at Pasir Ris too. I saw this really enormous big fish at one of the fish farm, it's like size of my 8 y.o cousin! So huge and it nearly wanted to leap out to attack Zhu Zhu's friend, wahahahaha.

Hee, received good news over the week too, super happy!


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