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Friday, April 11, 2008 Y 1:05 AM

Monthly night out with colleagues on last Saturday to Ambrosia Mediterranean Restaurant. Something new, exotic and sounded really interesting and attractive to explore due to two items that caught out eyes, Belly Dancing and Wine Tasting.

So off we go to Ambrosia, located at this really secluded place called Baghdad Street. Seated on the floors with cushions around us, a 4 item buffet menu that consisted mainly of finger food, unlimited access to 5 types of wines, and lastly, the exotic belly dancing by a blonde lady (which we rather have the hair darker as it looks much more nicer). The food was okay, with the pitas and honey mustard chicken scoring high points for the restaurant, the rest were only so so. The wine was great though, unlimited refill and tasted good.

The belly dancing was okay, something new that I have not seen before but not enough to wow me. So we sat there for like about 3 hours plus, playing silly games and talking silly stuff.

At 10, we moved to the Red Dot Design Museum, and we landed ourselves at Artery. It was really quiet there as it was CBD area and there are no one there during weekends. Ended up drinking Ribena at the bar and paid ridiculous amount for that.

Thanks for the night out, I got to relax and know my colleagues better. And best of that, thanks to my sick bf who came down to fetch me and also gave me food cause I was hungry.

And so, to my bf, Happy Birthday to you! Hope your wishes come true and now that you are one year older, start investing in something to look younger wahahaha!


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