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Saturday, February 23, 2008 Y 8:36 AM

My computer has yet to be fixed as I'm too lazy to bother about it hence the blogging has become very inconsistent. A week of leave has gone past. Did nothing much except resting and relaxing that's all.

First Valentine that I actually have a date, I spent it at home with my parents and him playing mahjong, ahahaha, you must be wondering how romantic is that right? Well my bf doesn't have much of any romantic instinct within him, hence you can't really blame that my V day has to be celebrated in such a manner. In fact, we didn't even celebrated it. Anyway I'm nv a hype for V day as I have never celebrated V day before, owing to the fact that I always break up before V days, except twice, both which I should say could be unfortunate incident. The first being that I have to leave for Ozzie the next day and I was told that we are breaking up because of that and the second was nice, but the dude turned out to be weird and scary. So be it that Zhu is not romantic at all, at least he was present that day and until now he's still my bf and he is sane and not weird.

Celebrated Denise's birthday on Friday at Siam Kitchen. Caught up a bit with the girls. Krisie's tummy could be seen a bit now but still very small. Azi brought her hubby along and showed us the pretty photos of her wedding.

Had a gathering on Sunday at my house. Two in fact, one for my friends and one for my family. Cy, Xw and Ting came over with their respective partners for a steamboat prepared by my family. Too bad they have to go off early so it ended quite shortly. Hope they have enjoyed themselves, would like love to do more though. My family members came over later and we played badminton, have dinner and laugh together through a very ancient Chinese movie that I have loaned.

Soon, after that my leave ended and I was supposed to be back at work, with the exception that I actually fell sick and was stalled for another two more days. I have a flu and sore throat, which was gone but days afterwards, just like on Friday, I started coughing. Sianz sianz, zhu has also caught the flu bug and fell sick too.

Anyway, rebonded my hair on Friday with CY, served by a good stylist. Shocked to hear that my ex stylist was no longer there due to some unpleasant incidents. Strange, she seemed nice. Had a very good supper afterwards at Wan Tou Sek, very nice dim sum and porridge, yummy yummy.

Caught Fool's Gold with Min today, very funny and stupid show, a bit lame but okay if you treat it as a laugh it off show only.

Oh yeah, I have gotten 2 very cute lil plush toys, lilo and the gf, with super big cute eyes!!! Courtesy of Zhu, thank yeah! Shall take pices and show you next time, so cute yeah!!!


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