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Sunday, February 10, 2008 Y 1:44 AM

Happy CNY to all of you!

There are many firsts for this CNY. First time actually having a half day at work for CNY (Previously it fell on Saturday and Sunday so I nv got to have half day at work!), first time eating reunion dinner at someone's house besides my family, first time celebrating CNY with Zhu and first time having Lion Dance over at my house.

Time really flies fast, last year, we didn't celebrate CNY and we were missing one family member, this year life seemed to have moved on although we will still remember the lost one by heart.

Surprisingly, when I was alone last year, everyone kept asking me to get married soon. This year, with Zhu around, no one seemed to be asking me to get married (except Aunt Annie whom briefly mentioned). Haha lucky escape, I am so glad I don't have to hear the usual "Hope you get married soon blah blah blah" wishes for CNY.

Had reunion dinner with Zhu's family on CNY eve. I usually spent it having with my grandpa and uncles as I have no where to go usually and this year I got to spend it with someone significant, which is good.

Then visited grandpa's house, Zhu's house and eldest uncle's house on CNY first day, and off to second uncle's house on 2nd day and fifth aunt's house on third day. Been eating and eating for the past 3 days. Steamboat, delicious fried rice, duck meat, pao, bak kut teh, dinner at Westlake and many more CNY goodies. It's time to diet!!! Exercise alot while I'm on leave cause I know I will get lazy when I go back to work.

The most interesting thing I have experienced was the Lion Dance at my house. My dad has invited a group of lion dancers to my house on the 2nd day of CNY. We never had it before and we weren't sure how it was like. The moment it came into our house, it headed straight for my room (thank goodness I have packed my room). It then went into everyone's room and then it started peeling mandarin oranges and shredding lettuce in the living room, throwing it all around the house. It was noisy, but it was fun, and it was certainly a new experience been through.

Guess Zhu must have been very tired accompanying me around for the past few days. Thanks Zhu! He's busy scolding vulgarities now as his fishes has died, and his plants are floating around in the tank. His newly built tank is now disintegrating which is why he's screaming away. Poor Zhu, hope your tank will turn out well.

And now, a week of leave for me. Happy resting!


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