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Friday, January 4, 2008 Y 9:45 AM

Dearest Ken accompanied me to TTSH on Wednesday morning, despite having very little sleep on trying to rush his assignment on time. It was pretty scary cause I'm supposed to go for a scope, which I tried to pray that I hope I wouldn't get it and I didn't in the end but having you there was sweet, as I didn't have to feel so nervous if I was ever alone and I have to do the scope.

Thankfully the consultation was over in a few minutes. I disliked the senior consultant though, he was so full of himself and simply cocky. Yes, I hate cocky doctors because I know what are patient rights and I hate them to be cocky. He doesn't informed me of what he is going to do and that is so wrong. No informed consent. Lousy doctor. Well he gave me an open appointment which I hope I never have to visit him.

Ken then suggested to try out the Japanese Restaurant at Velocity, called "Curry Favor". Yes as the name suggested, it is about curry. They have other stuff too but we tried the curry. We both had the cheese katsu curry. It was simply fantastic. Cheese was oozing out of the pork cutlet when you sink your teeth into it, and you could taste the sweet cheesy taste mix with the curry. Simply yummylicious! We then had tea, Sakura tea and some black soy bean tea or what that Ken ordered, which I liked it and I was busy sipping his tea instead. Best part was, the blur waitress forgot to charge us for the 2 teas and when we reminded them, they charged us for the price of green tea instead! Oh and we have complimentary ice cream given on the house too, probably because we are the first customers? No idea.

So I met up with Min later in the evening and we went for dinner. Min is getting ridiculous with her job and supervisor. A day of leave just ended with time flying by so fast and I had to go back to work the next day, simply reluctant to but without much of a choice.

The day was delighted at the evening with Ken and his colleague asking me out for dinner, which we opted for steamboat at Esplanade Glutton Bar. We had steamboat from a stall called Happy Pot. It's not those ludicrously oily and horrible steamboat that you have from Marina South but it's those small pots of charcoal that you can either grill or boil your food. We had 3 little pots, one grill pot and 2 steamboat pots (with tom yum soup and herbal chicken soup). The soup base were real nice especially the herbal chicken one! The meat were nicely marinated too and there was this one type of meat which reminded me of bacon that was super duper nice. The mushroom was simply awesome, with the shitake mushroom, super huge one, being the more tastier of all! We also finished up our steamboat with a kaya fondue, and roti jala or something like that. I like the kaya fondue! It's simple with only butter, liquid kaya and breadstick but it tasted really very very very nice! Simple tastes does works wonder at times.

The satisfaction of having such a wonderful dinner was brought over to nice day, which was then spoilt by a day of ache and pain in the lower lower back area, which later we found out it's really the gluts area. And the demoralization of having not much choice for food for lunch since canteen in under renovation until March. I was only left with sandwiches and terribly pack lunches from 7 11, which made me lose my appetite totally.

Lucky for me, I only had to sit through the computer and work on the history of OT poster, which I had procrastinated long enough, till it was only a week before OT day that I started on it. Hopefully it can be finished by Monday, and I can relaxed and prepared for my facilitation session which I have no idea how to do it.

Not wanting to kill off my Friday evening with a sore ache, I went to meet my mom and aunt and my beloved cousin for dinner. Had a really nice dinner with fish head curry (yeah could you believed that I ate the fish?), omelette, vegetables, chicken and real nice tofu. The meal was satisfying, seems like I haven't had such Chinese dishes that are nice for ages.

Went home after that and Dear was real sweet to pop by to help me take a look at my sore back, butt as he claimed. And to help me fix my computer and getting his head all covered with dust, which looks really funny and cute, but at the same time, I feel sorry that he has to be covered with dust and getting all pissed up. Still, it was really sweet of you, and it was really sweet of you to get that nice green cardigan for me! It's a totally awesome cardigan that is green and with great sleeves, yippee, a new cardigan to bring out! Thanks alot Dear!

As for now, I'm really keen on getting some sleep cause I'm dead beat. Nightey everyone!


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