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Friday, January 11, 2008 Y 10:20 PM

The awaited OT Day has finally come and passed on 11th January. Time flies, it's already the 3rd OT Day. I can't believe I wrote about 1st OT day before and now I'm writing about 3rd OT Day.

This time round, we had a professional seminar which was a great success. The turn up was good and we had people from all around, healthcare professionals and non healthcare professionals from IMH and not from IMH. The topic was on managing burnout and we had talks from the consultant on what is burnout, from OT on lifestyle management and art as a therapeutic medium for managing burnout. We also had an experiential session on using art for managing burnout, which I was one of the facilitators.

It was a well received seminar and practical session, we had lots of good comments and feedback and you can see my boss smiling away very happily.

As for my session, it was scary. It was supposed to be co facilitators for the group, with Jayson and myself but our group was so big that we have to split into 2 groups.

I didn't really prepare much for the group and I was really afraid, cause I'm going to do a group with normal people, people who can lash back at you or know what you are doing. I was afraid to be alone and should any unforeseen circumstances happen, I will be dead.

Unfortunately, it did happened. Two of my group members cried and alot of people ventilated out their feelings, for which I tried to kept it superficial as we didn't have time. I was glad Mr K was there to observe the session when the first woman burst out crying, cause he was able to help me. Unfortunately, because Mr K is a very scary person, I was also shivering from fear of him watching me.

Thankfully, everything went through well and the day was a success. We then had a National OT Day dinner at YWCA which we had to sit and wait till 9pm, bearing through a long lecture, before we could have dinner, which didn't turn out to be too nice.

At least we had good company, from my colleagues, from my ex classmates and then clique of friends that I hang out with.

By the end of the day, I was simply exhausted but I was glad that OT day is a success and it's over.


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