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Monday, December 17, 2007 Y 7:01 AM

So it was Azi's hen party on Saturday. Woke up real early in the morning, I have to admit I overslept because I slept too late the night before and got there late. Anyway, woke up early to go down to Belong salon at Aljunied for Azi's treat. We are treating her to a hair treat, hair perming and treatment. Needless to say, we go to see her beautiful perm before Izwan does haha. Spent 3.5 hours like that in the salon, was famished and I popped down with the girls to Mac to have breakfast, then went back to the salon where strange things happened.

Doreen actually said she will try temporary hair straightening and Yoges tried temp hair straightening for her fringe. Imagine Doreen straightening her hair?! Although it's only temporary but it's a big step for her ahead already. Good job mate, you were brave to try and I have to say, not only me, but all the girls, that your straight hair makes you look so nice!

So then we popped down to Far East Plaza, where we had our first sabotage item for Azi, on the train to Orchard. We made her wear this vangard sheet stating that she is getting married and asked her to go around for signatures on the train. She was really sporting to do it and mission was accomplished. We then had lunch at KFC and popped over to Partyworld for a ktv session, cause Azi said she didn't mind trying. We made her sing so many love songs haha.

Then we did her last sabotage item which was to wear the vangard sheet and go around giving rochelle chocolates to couples at Swensons which needless to say, our president wannabe managed to do it without any sweat! Thumbs up for Azi for being so sporting! We gave her a nice rose bouquet too and she was smiling so sweetly. The rose bouquet is really very very very pretty!

I taped a video down of her sabotage item which I shall post it up next time round heh heh. Got photos too but shall post it next time.

The next day, Ken and I attended a Malay wedding. This is my second time attending one although the first one I only went there for 15 minutes and left. This time round, sat down and waited for hours before the couple came. Funny that the people came and talk to me first, I think they think I'm the bride's friend when it's actually he is the friend.

Then we went to Kbox, yeah singing again cause I'm suddenly addicted to singing. Heh heh made the poor boy sing and entertained me all throughout. Haha.

Christmas shopping ahead for this week!


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