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Friday, December 14, 2007 Y 9:26 AM

A nice evening spent out with colleagues on a Friday. We went to Tam Po Po at Liang Court as suggested by CY last time. The food was really good! I had a black pig shabu ramen, which was really nice, and the chicken cutlet and potato croquette is nice too!

Had a really good talk about work, personal stuff, relationships and others gossipy topics with my colleagues (which comprises of one guy and 5 girls). We moved on McCafe afterwards whereby we continued our discussion.

It was a really good support session and to get to know each other better sessions.

Sidetrack a little, Ken has been really sweet to pop by my house twice this week suddenly, just to bring nice food for me. Thanks dear, it was really appreciated for your efforts!

And also my withdrawn patient finally went to rehab! Yay, so happy! And that my withdrawn little boy has finally started therapy with me, another happiness!

Sometimes I wonder am I'm being too critical about my relationship at times. I guess being an OT, you understand how important communication is and you certainly do not like to be ignored, because you don't get the whole gist of what is going on, but seems like guys have a habit of doing that. Sometimes I think that I can do this for a person but why can't a person do that back? Then again, it's different people. Maybe I can do this, but you can't. So it's either live with it or thrash it out? I only know that if I don't learn to live with it, I may find it real tiring to continue one day because I constantly get upset over it. Perhaps I'm being too critical. Maybe I should be less critical and less expecting, that way I wouldn't feel so tired and drain him out too.


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