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Monday, December 10, 2007 Y 8:25 AM

In short, it was a slack week last week because we were on HMDP, so I couldn't really remember what happened throughout the week except:

1. Went to Kallang Leisure Park twice, once with Ken, and once with mom and Ken to get sports stuff.
2. Decided to hold a Xmas party with patients with Chiu Ling and Eunice.
3. Decided to make Xmas prezzies using art and craft sessions with Chiu Ling
4. Xiaomin started work at Metro.
5. Ivy sprained her leg again.
6. Went to Ken's house to stay over on weekend
7. Went to Esplanade with patients for outing.
8. Mei Poh saw me at Esplanade but I didn't.

Weekends wasn't much because I had to go back to work on Sunday, outing to Esplanade. This time, it was a performance by NYP, my old school, the Chinese Orchestra Band. The conductor was real funny, he tried to involve the audience by asking us to speak in Hokkien words and quarrel with each other (the Hokkien words being "bei zi giam" and "bei ji jiam", meaning salty and bland). They played various pieces, from China, Western, Japan, Korea. It wasn't too bad, quite interesting. I like a few pieces but the last one was really a lullaby to put you to sleep.

Was really tired over the weekend that I slept real early on Sunday. Fell asleep at 8 plus after dinner.

A hardworking week this week cause preparing for Christmas. Also, Azi's hens party coming up this Sat and Ken's friend's wedding coming up on Sun. Well, at least it wasn't working and I'm getting bonus next week! Yay!


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