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Monday, December 3, 2007 Y 7:06 AM

Caught 2 movies last week, Hero and Enchanted.

Hero was not bad but something was missing that makes it not as nice as the TV serial but Takuya Kimura is ever so cool, just that whenever I see him, I kept thinking of the Gatsby advertisement and I couldn't stop laughing.

Enchanted was simply funny, it's a very nice movie if you don't use much of your brains to watch it, just simply sit and laugh.

Min is working at Metro now, 3rd cousin to be working in Metro, so happy, can just go and look for her anytime now. Heh heh.

Oh and last Thursday I went to perm my hair with Cy, she rebonded her hair. Cheap deal, $150 for color, perm and treatment heh heh. I recommend you to try Belong, at Aljunied or Yishun. Chiu Ling is so tempted to try it now heh heh.

It's HMDP week this week, so just need to slack and not work much haha, so happy!


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