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Wednesday, December 26, 2007 Y 8:15 PM

At last, the long waited wedding of BFF's has finally arrived. How fast a year has passed when she first told me that she will be getting married in december, on Xmas eve and Xmas.

A totally packed and crazy week I had over the last week. Spent time showing Ken's cousins around, buying xmas presents, buying xmas food for xmas party, making cds for BFF.

Finally Xmas eve arrived and Yoges and I went for BFF's solemnisation ceremony. I didn't understand what it was about as they were conversing in Malay but I kinda got the rituals. It was extremely sweet to see both of them putting on the rings for each other. It was a pity that we couldn't stay throughout and have to leave early. Azi was looking real beautiful in her white costume with the long veil and you could see that she is nervous, yet blissfully happy.

Soon after that, we rushed off to Kris's house for a party. Nothing much like what we used to have, just a simple get together and gift sharing party. I cooked pasta while Kris and Ken prepared the ingredients, although I made Mr Lim cooked the last pasta though wahahaha. Played with Sausage and my cousins were having fun with him, and of course, mahjong as usual.

Following the next day, we went for Azi's wedding where we saw the arrival of the groom and shake according to the tunes of the Kompang. We didn't understand what they were saying but we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Ken and I left shortly afterwards and went home to nap awhile before preparing ourselves for my family's Xmas party.

The food was Xmas food as usual, lots of meat but inclusion of Italian wine and delicious ice cream, courtesy of Ken. The ice cream was so fantastic that it got my aunts keen to go to the place itself and my uncle drank up all the wine. The little ones went to watch "I am Legend" which was pretty okay, except for some scary parts.

With all the joyous get together, Xmas ended just like that and very soon, a few more days, it will be the new 2008. Not really looking forward to a new year as I will be getting older but hoping that more good things will come by our way.


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