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Monday, December 31, 2007 Y 8:32 AM

30th December 2007, 2 days before 2008, marks the day of the wedding of a very good friend of mine. A very simple wedding yet the bride looks beautiful and glowy, the groom looks excited and happy, and many babies in the parties. A friend whom I know since JC, it's like about 9 years since we known each other and just like 2 years ago I heard her said she was attached and just last year, she announced that she was getting married. Truly happy to see a friend being so happily married off to a good guy.

The wedding was held in M Hotel, a simple lunch reception, where I was invited to be the emcee for the party. I hope I didn't crashed the wedding with my poor emceeing skills as I was totally confused by the hotel staff. Caught up with some old friends whom haven't met up for quite some time.

So that was 30th December, and 31st edges it's way slowly into my life, marking the end of the day of 2007. Work as usual for half day, with boss being sick, it means holiday for us. A slack movie session with the patients where we just sat and laugh at Stephen Chow in "Kungfu Hustle", then off to fetch my cousins once work ended. Hang around Causeway point and went home for a quick shower before popping down to meet the rest of the family for dinner.

I couldn't remember the restaurant name but it was a Jap restaurant at Serene Centre. The food was fab but the portions are awfully small and expensive. However, the cheaper simple Jap delights are really big in portion but yet as tasty. I had a Ribeye Beef Cubes with Japanese Sauce which tasted just right, just lacking a bit in the sauce. The sashimi was wonderful too. Dessert was ice cream at Island Creamery, lotsa flavours like Pulau Hitam, Chendol, Revers-0, Nutella, Very Berry, Blackforest, Supmoni, Tiger Sorbet, Cookies and Cream. Totally yummylicious.

And then 2007 ended and 2008 crept in quietly, as I was spending moments alone in my room, listening to Chipmunks song. A family gathering this year, a quiet New Year last moments spent at home. Very different and it probably signifies that I'm getting older while the young hang out till late. At this moment, I'm far too tired and I longed for my bed. I'm so used to spending festive seasons alone, eves especially or getting bad things like break ups on festive seasons. Nothing ever happens nice on festive seasons in recent years, break up, deaths, and stuff like that.

Hopefully 2008 may brighten up my slacking spirit abit and put me into hard work! To all, HAPPY 2008!!!! Yes it means we are marching one year older again! Boo!

P.S: I caught Alvin and the Chipmunks and I totally adore Theodore, yes the fat one, the gluttony one, maybe he's like me, gluttony minus the baby fat. Heh what more could be better than talking singing chipmunks who looked totally adorable and fun? Yes a bit irritating at times but I wouldn't mind having 3!


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