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Friday, November 2, 2007 Y 6:12 PM

Woken up early in the morning, feeling sad and sleepless.

I get emo when I get woken up too early, without ample sleep, and even more emo when I don't hear good news when I am not sufficiently rested.

It's a very small thing to say, yeah, it's really a very small thing but then can you imagine that I can cry over it? I seriously think I am really either very stress with whatever is happening around me work issues over the past few weeks.

I actually cried over the small little thing and I cried alot, not the little crying kind, which is why I'm here blogging. Perhaps I felt disappointed by how I am not getting things coming recently, and this small little incident just further adds on it. Perhaps I am upset that I kept getting disappointed by things and this incident just trigger everything off.

Or perhaps I was just looking forward to a nice little weekend with you, but I couldn't get a nice little weekend.

It sucks even more when my nose is blocked and runny. It worsens because of the crying.

Sometimes in times like this, where I'm really down the run, I wish I had someone who will hug me and say "everything will be okay". But hey, this is life right? You can't possibly get someone to do that to you everytime.

It sucks when you had a week you heard of disappointing news and you look forward to a nice little weekend to spend time with your love ones but turns out that you probably spend time alone. You know, this kinda makes me like as if I'm very petty because I get upset but I can't help it. Cuz I was brimming with hope and looking forward to things, and to get crush down on hope is not exactly a good feeling. And this has happened twice this week. Perhaps I couldn't take disappointment anymore.

I think I'm just really upset with things happening around me recently. Sigh, spending Sat day at home alone, perhaps it may be good? I do not know.


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