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Wednesday, November 7, 2007 Y 5:47 AM

Straw skirt, white spag top, pink hair, flowery slippers.....that was what my girls in OT Office decided to wear to D & D this year. Not too sure whether can get the hair spray to make our hair pink though but it sounded fun!

Tried making the straw skirt today in office with Geri and Chiu Ling, only managed to make 2 and a little bit of the 3rd one, going to get our patients to shred it into small pieces. Eunice said it looked nice yeah, heh heh can't wait to see the end product too.

Slacking day today, spent the afternoon making straw skirts instead of working, super slacking. Friday is an even better day cause all the big shots are on leave, so officially it's slacking day for all of us!

Ken and I found a nice place to buy French soup. It's at Dhoby Gaut B2 area, called Saybons. I tried the mushroom and seafood, both tasted very nice! They have very nice bread too, garlic and sundried tomato herb bread. Can check out their webbie at www.saybons.com.

Ooooh btw I got my donut factory donuts from Ken last week! Yeah, got my favourite white chocolate one! I love the donuts! And on the day where I brought to work and shared it with Eunice and Geri, Eunice and I happened to saw that there is a new branch in Novena Square. Think we going to cheong for it when we go for council meeting in TTSH hahahaha.

I got new shoes, courtesy of Mr Lim! Black and silver New Balance shoes, super pretty kay, I must find a chance to wear it soon!

It's Shawnie's birthday tomorrow and we are celebrating it. And it's Mr Lim's wife birthday tomorrow and he's celebrating it with his wife, so too bad, I can't join him, can't be a nosy 3rd party and spoil ppl's lovey dovey moments.

I'm so glad I'm off tomorrow since I don't get off this Sun, got to go back to work, but luckily only bringing 5 patients this time so small little thing hee hee.

Back on Friday to continue with straw skirt activity!


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