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Thursday, November 8, 2007 Y 8:36 AM

Shawnie's birthday today, or rather yesterday 8th November. Happy Birthday Shawnie!

Supposingly to go out with the gang for movie but Min wasn't able to make it at 12. In the end, we went for chicky rice at my favourite stall in BB central and then went to Island Creamery for ice cream.

Had loads of ice cream there, chendol, teh tarik, black forest, Reverse O, mudpie and pear sake. Bought Black Forest, Teh tarik and reverse O for my family too. The mud pie is really very nice! Orea cookies and choc ice cream and chocolate slabs, simply delicious.

Pop over to Grandpa's house and we had a mini celebration there. We had bbq steamboat and a mini cake and ice cream.

Was really tired so didn't ate much, also I probably ate too much before that, all the ice cream.

Shawnie said it has been years he received a cake and actually got a celebration. Darryl was jealous that Shawnie has one and he didn't. I got hooked onto playing Harvest Moon at Ken's (Woo family, not Mr Lim)house.

Back to work tomorrow, yawn, so tired.


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