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Monday, November 26, 2007 Y 5:58 AM

I'm terribly sorry that I always end up falling asleep at my bf's house over weekends. Sigh, I wish I was more awake so I could spend more time with him and see him more, but the stupid drowsy cough mixture took me of all my senses. I am drug intoxicated for 2 weeks already, feel so tired from all the medication.

I am so tired from taking cough mixture over and over again. And I'm really tired from getting all those coughing fits and in bad fits, I can vomit. Tired of cleaning up because I vomited and dirtied the place and myself.

Seems to be better now with the third time that I saw a doctor. Two different cough mixtures this time. I still feel sleepy with the non drowsy one, dunno is it sleepy from coughing too much and vomiting or sleepy from the cough mixture.

I must really try to keep myself more awake when I'm at his house, else time have with him will become nothing. Weekends are precious because he is going to get busy with his assignments again. Hope I get well soon!


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