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Friday, November 16, 2007 Y 7:39 PM

I'm down with a horrible horrible sore throat and stuffy nose, with fever for the past 2 days. I don't understand why is it that every year I have to fall sick during D & D? And it's always the same thing, flu!!! With the addition of sore throat this year only. Is this like some repentance or retribution? No matter how daunting it is to be sick, I still went to work and went to D & D.

It was Hawaiian theme this year, at Bliss Garden in Expo. D & D venues seem to be cheaper and cheaper each year. Theme seemed to be more and more dressed down each year. This year, we made an effort to dress up though, painstakingly handmade straw skirts that made our fingers sore and painful, took up precious times. The effect was "Wow, are you all performing tonight?", "you all look so cute!", "it's so nice!" and so it goes on.

Sadly to say, although we do indeed looked the nicest and most creative, we wasn't chosen for the best table award. Totally 'kelong' as they called it, choosing Corp Comms and HR again for best table awards. Alot of people were pointing to our table, sadly located in the corner, and making comments and they even boo one of the tables select. In fact, the applause for all 3 tables weren't very loud, and many people actually shouted 'kelong' after the results were announced.

Although we didn't win the best table award, it was contented to know that we girls had fun, pulled us closer together, that we were best dressed in our eyes and some others eyes. Most importantly, we had fun and enjoyed the process!

The games played that night were so so, the food was okay, nothing much to boast about. It was gone just like that, think being in a corner makes it really daunting too, cause not much space for us to move about.

Still it was a memorable night spent together. Last year, I sat with the old gang of OTs and this year, it was a totally new batch of OTs.

What will happen next year?

Photos were mostly taken by Ivy that night. I only took one with Yoges, so could only post up one. We had photos taken by the photographer too. Everyone looks happy smiling away.

Unfortunately it was taken with my phone so you couldn't see our whole body. But the photographer who took a group pic of us managed to catch some of our straw skirts.

D & D over, back to work life again, welcoming Christmas and weddings soon!


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