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Sunday, November 11, 2007 Y 3:40 AM

I am very proud to say that I completed running one whole round my estate without stopping when in the past I could only do half round and walked rest. Yes, this may not be an accomplishment as compared to those people who can really run, but to me, it's a very great accomplishment considering that I don't like running and I suck in it. So, I'm really proud of myself!

It is Beautiful Sunday at Esplanade again. It is my turn to bring the patients on outing again, together with J.T. This performance was by Westwing Band of Bukit Batok Community Centre, playing popular blockbusters movies theme songs. They played theme songs by Pirates of Carribean, Grease, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Magnificent Seven, Star Wars and the unforgettable opening theme of 20th Century Fox. Ta Ta Ta Ta.....haha, got reminded of Simpsons movie suddenly.

My favourite performance was The Pirates of Carribean Trilogy, it was the best amongst all, although if you have heard the soundtrack before, their performance is still not quite there yet. It is kinda of lacking a certain majestic feeling. I still the best was the Singapore Youth Orchestra performance, the one I went for the 1st outing. Apparently today's performance was really popular, they have to turn down 200 over audience because it was full.

The next performance in next month is by NYP Chinese Orchestra, hopefully it is good.


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