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Monday, October 1, 2007 Y 8:35 AM

A lot of things happened over the past week that I haven't blogged. Didn't have the energy and heart to blog, busy spending time to myself, family, friends and him.

Over the past week, where I went back to work, I made a crucial decision on my last week of leave, decided to finally go for a new change, to try out something new, to venture out to something more. So here I am, going through interviews, getting excited with new offers. Very soon, I will be moving on to something new, a change that I'm glad of. Thanks for those whom have sat through with me, helped me out, and supported me of the decision.

Denise was a babe to help me out alot during this period. She could be an angel in my life, helping me to seek opportunities and gotten me an interview. Ernest and Kris for helping me out on the locum prospects. Azi for praying and well wishing for me. Ting was really great to gave me advice on other career paths and advised me to stay on path. Xiaowen encouraged me to move with my heart, see what my heart and mind is telling me. CY simply just sorted me throughout the process. Even Jarvis said as long as I have thought it through, go ahead. Not forgetting my dear colleagues whom felt sad and wanted me to stay on, but wished me well for new prospects. And my mother whom said just do what I like and I'm happy with. Even my cousins are supportive of it.

And thank you You for guiding me throughout the process, teaching me patiently on what I should do. I enjoyed discussing my plans with you, cause it was so fruitful. Thanks love!

Spent time with my Office 2 colleagues on Sat, only Lee Sian, Yoges and Ivy turned up in the end. Bonnie was sick. Ivy was terribly late though. Waited for her for so long but the catching session was good.

Had steamboat later in the evening with my family, XM and Aunt Jenny's family. Was so full after eating, but started feeling hungry by 12 plus. Haha such a glutton.

Spent the weekend with Ken, I like his cosy little home and room, haha although my room had more space and lotsa of empty areas to roam about. I like both our rooms, cause all nice to sleep in! Hahaha, speaking of sleep, I'm sleeping more and more, so tired yeah.

Btw, Denise, thanks alot of accompanying me, waiting for me to finish the interview. It felt great to have support! And thanks to Dear for coming to have dinner with me, meatballs and chicken wings are simply great! And the cosy little children's beds that we saw, I wish I owned them man, in adult size though! Haha!

And thanks Denise for helping me to do my office work, helping me to screen the names out yeah. You came to wait for me in my office but I made you do my work too, so sorry for that! And thanks alot!

Got happy news today too, hee hee, got called for second interview. Yippee! Wish me luck on Wednesday!


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