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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 Y 8:55 AM

You know how some people just make your inferiority complex goes way up high? Like skyscrapers that high? Yeah, it's this bunch of tactless and brainless people that makes you feel that way?

Come on, a 167cm tall female, with a 34C cup, and a tiny waist, fair skin, super nice hair, big eyes and stuff, with so many guys and girls saying she's pretty and stuff, and she comes to tell you that she thinks she is very ugly actually and she don't believe a single thing people say, and that she is fat and stuff. Oh gosh, if you are ugly like that, what am I? SHIT? Not even worth a look then at all! I'm a tiny ant, waiting to be stepped on and killed anytime?

Be contented with what you have okay, I would be very happy if I have those statistics and look that pretty. You aren't making people's lives easier by saying stuff like that. I don't know how many other girls you can kill by saying it to them. Next time, if you speak to someone less aesthetically created than you, you should use your brains cells more.


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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