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Monday, September 17, 2007 Y 8:32 AM

Woke up early early on Sat morning at 9 am. Slept only at 5.30am previously, was so tired and drained.

After some round of smsing and me offering to hold a small funeral for Dodo's hammie, everyone decided to pop over to Krisie's house in the afternoon, firstly because she has plantar fasciitis, secondly just because we wanna go to her house and play, thirdly to play with her dog too.

So we reached her house at 4pm. I was the first to reach, saw Ernest on his way back and he let me in first. Sausage's reaction was immediate, started barking at me and came running to me like as if he wanna pounced on me. After awhile, he started settling down and started his usual hand licking business. The same thing happened again when Doreen came into the house. He didn't pounced on Denise, cause he recognised her but he pounced on Doreen and started barking at her ferociously. Finally he settled down and followed us all around.

He was really cute! Gave me that "puss in boots" look when we were eating and he couldn't eat our food, make you really wanna relent and give him some food. In the end, we gave him some dog treats which he finished up so fast, and he ate some of the fries and nuggets. He's an attention seeker, kept coming to us to lie down by our side and kept licking us. Haha, super cute!

The cute little Sausage with his Mummy!

We sang ktv at Krisie's house and played mahjong. Krisie's mahjong set is from us, so pretty! Stayed till 9 plus then went over to Ken's house. Felt so tired by the time I reached his house, and fell asleep early, well 1 am considered early right? At least earlier than him la. He complained that I was talking nonsense to him during my sleep, where got? I don't rem talking nonsense.

Went to watch Rogue Assasin on Sunday, very very cruel show, so many killings and awful killings and lotsa fighting and blood. Like the twist in the show though. I thought I will sleep cause I didn't like "The One" by Jet Li but this was okay, I stayed awake and actually understood the show.

Caught "Shooter" afterwards, I must admit I was never interested when Ken went to watch it alone. I was happy that he didn't ask me cause I think I will sleep inside. To my surprise, I actually finished the whole show and I was impressed and interested in the show. I'm amazed at how far they can shoot someone, as if the sniper. Wow, really interesting yeah.

I think I was really tired, till I fell asleep at his house again at 10 plus. Haha some stupid incident happened and he keeps laughing at me over it, meanie!

Btw, I injured my hip muscles, I walk with a limp now, with difficulties climbing stairs. Boo. I don't even know what I did.


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