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Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Y 7:57 AM

When I was a little child, my mom and family members bought me all sorts of fairytales storybooks. I grew up, reading all about different fairytales. I always remembered the story of "The Ugly Duckling". When I looked into the mirror when I was a little child, I was thinking "I'm so small, thin and short, and so ugly. Will I look like those pretty girls that I see on tv last time?". And the story of the ugly duckling came to mind, and I smiled back at the mirror, thinking to myself "Well, I'm an ugly duckling now, but I'll grow up to be a beautiful swan".

Then it came the teens time, where I read all sort of storybooks on romance, watched alot of romantic serial and drama. You know how fairytales always had a happy ending? Stories I read in my teens time too had happy endings too. People are always happily in love and happily every after together. And I always think that maybe some day, I will be happily in love, and happily ever after.

Truth is, fairytales or love stories are deceiving. They don't tell you the real thing, the other side of things, that not all everyone grows up to a beautiful swan or not everyone will be happily ever after.

As I grow older, I saw more things, twisted fairytales that show you darker side of things, which is pretty much, more real to human nature. Some people just stay ugly, some people are just commoners, no princesses, no princes to take you away, you can't sleep away for 100 years, or wait for a prince to kiss you to awaken you. Neither will there be princes running after you even though you decided to dump your legs and go for a tail in the ocean. And I saw love stories that doesn't have a happy ending. People don't necessarily end up together. There's tears in love, rather than just happiness. That people are divorced, seeing a marriage counsellor, having affairs.

I never became a beautiful swan, neither did I find a perfect Prince Charming, nor did some Prince saw me as the most beautiful person ever.

And then recently, I saw "Secret". It's such a nice show that I can cry watching it. Truth is, you know this kinda of love only existed in films. Do you think there will ever be someone who loves you so much just to go back to the past to be with you? Human relationships have become so much fragile nowadays, it's just so hard to believe in it anymore. Humans have became superficial, looking out for beauty outside the person, and not within the person.

I'm not a swan, but I'm like a nut. It looks horrible on the outside, dark and dull shell, it doesn't looks nice inside too, but when you taste it, it is really delicious. It looks real hard to crack but it's really fragile, you can shattered it into pieces anytime.

Or at least, this is what I'm trying to convince myself that I am.

I don't have a Prince Charming, but I have a Prince with Flaws. That's life, no one is perfect, you cannot be always be in happiness and living together happily ever after.


Yesterday is history
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But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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