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Friday, September 14, 2007 Y 10:43 AM

Went out with Denise on Friday, went to this HK cafe in Taka for dinner. Hee, took photos of what we ate. Denise got the cheesy thingy while she recommended me the beef hor fun. We all drank milk tea too. I tried Marina Square, Cineleisure and Taka HK cafe before. I think the best was Cineleisure. The food at Marina's was good too but the service sucks so terribly that I have doubts stepping in again. The service at Cine was not bad plus the food was good. The food at Taka HK Cafe is so so only, just realised I have been there before, 1 year plus ago, with JY but it didn't register on me that I went there before.

This is what I ate, HK Style Fried Beef Hor Fun. The thingy in the centre is French toast.

This is what Denise ate, Chicken chop cheese baked rice.

This are our milk tea! Yummylicious!

Poor Denise lost her micro SD card, dunno how she managed to actually lose it. She didn't even how it looked like and that her memory card is gone from the slot. Fortunately got me to help her. Bought the card from Singtel shop afterwards. Haha, I asked her whether got any special videos inside, in case someone picks it out and it becomes like Tammy's hoo ha. Hahahaha.

We went over to Cine afterwards, wanted to sit down at TCC but realised TCC is gone! It was replaced by New Urban Male. So we decided to go over to Cafe Cartel but it's gone too! It's replaced by some BBQ Chicken. Hmm so in the end, we settled down for NYDC at Heeren. Walked so much and everything is gone. So weird. So that was our last stop for the outing.

P.S: Thank you Denise for accompanying me. You were so great to spend time with me!


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