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Monday, September 3, 2007 Y 1:00 AM

Just because you don't like me, it doesn't means you should skip having communication with me and tell everyone else that you aren't coming to work. Just because you said I spoilt your perfect weekend, doesn't means you have to purposely go on a strike to show how bad I indeed spoil your weekend. I have no intentions to fight against a grown and elderly woman, yes, elderly as I said. I do not see why I should do the same back as you. I'm saying if you do such measures to me, then you get proper office measures to ensure that you communicate to me, your supervisor, properly. Else, any information not conveyed to me will be classfied as I don't know. I don't think it's hard to pick up the phone to call me when I stressed many times to call my personal phone. And thanks to you, I have told everyone not to help you all pass messages, but you all have to come to directly to me to seek for permission. I think you deserve it, whether you like me or not, you still have to talk to me.

Heard of atopic dermatitis? Yeah, that's what I'm having now. My stupid face has decided to act up on me again, with itch, redness, flakiness and patches, and pain stinging on the face. My ward staff are shocked by my horrendous looking face. I must have looked like shit really, real UGLY and FUGLY. Boo, bleah, sob sob, I hate to look ugly when I'm already ugly, and that I have to top up with being more ugly.

I watched Pan's Labyrinth yesterday with my cousins at my house. It's a Spanish show I think. Anyway, it's such a twisted fairy tale that left me wondering whether the girl was really in contact with twisted fairy tale creatures or she had imagined it all along, cause in the end, she died, and there is no proof to say whether she really went to the underworld to meet her real parents or she just simply died. Plus this fairy tale is about creatures from underworld and that Princess Moanna, is a princess from underworld. So twisted and dark. Kinda like Brothers Grime, which was also twisted fairytales.

What was really gross in Pan's Labyrinth are not the twisted and horrible looking creatures, but how cruel that the Captain just goes around killing and torturing people. In a part where he was trying to get this guerilla to speak, he actually brought out hammer, pincers, screw drivers as tools to torture the person. And how he mercilessly killed two innocent farmers before he even bothered to check whether they are guerillas, and he blamed it on his soldiers for not doing their job well hence causing him to kill innocent. He even shot the little girl (the main character in the story). Frankly speaking, I was very happy that he died, he deserved it. And he was dumb to ask the rebel to tell his son when he grew up about how great his father died, to which the rebel only replied: He wouldn't even know your name. See, he's so dumb, that rebel hated him so much, why would she tell his son about him? Plus he actually cause the death of his wife (whom was very dear to the rebel) and the daughter (which the rebel dotes on alot).

Heh, I saw Night Watch in Play.....I wanna watch Night Watch cause I heard it's good! And I saw Paris Je'taime too which CY said it was good.

Till now i shall just go sleep so I wouldn't scratch my face, it's so itchy :(


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