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Sunday, September 9, 2007 Y 9:11 AM

It was the longest Friday that I ever had on the 7/9/07. I started off at 8.00am with my usual routine, so many things to do and rush, ended work at 7.15pm and rushed off to NYP for meeting till 8.05pm. I worked for nearly 12 hours that day, well I do work longer hours when I have council meetings. But I am drained, rushing to finish work before I go on my leave happily, telling everyone not to contact me as I will not be contactable. I definitely need a break from work, feeling burnout. Geraldine lent me a book on "The Joy of Burnout" and I counted the signs and symptoms I have and I have alot of them!

Feeling exhausted, and always feeling that I'm not sleeping enough, no energy to drag myself up in the morning to go to work. Work no longer seem to be happy and I look forward to it, but rather it's dreadful. I hate the polictics I face at work too, makes me feel real tired. Everyday, I travel home, drained of all energy, the first thing that I do when I hit the bus is I passed out on the bus. Now, I don't even have energy to take bus, my brain just feel so so so so tired.

Anyway, as Friday passes over, I was glad, I felt relieved of some pressure. Mr Lim brought me to a very nice and rather affordable French cafe at Serene Centre, La Petite Cafe. He read it on Sunday Times and brought me there to try it out. I had a Duck Leg Au Gratin (duck leg and potatos) and he had ravioli. We got the set which comes with the mushroom soup. The food was really good, simply savoury, you could taste every single bit of the different tastes in it. As I was eating it, I got reminded of Remy in Ratatouille saying that when you combine food together, you just simply get a burst of sensation. Which I kinda felt it when I was eating the food.

The ambience was pretty nice too, amongst greenery, actually it was mostly plants...not very fantastic for scenary but decent enough. We popped over to Island Creamery for desserts afterwards. Guess what I found there? Kris's favourite baked ALASKA! The one that inspired me so much that I have been trying to find it (without going through the expense of ordering a $80 ++ main course just to eat it). Yeah, all Kris need for this is alcohol and fire to create her burning alaska. Had Reversi O (chocolate) and Nutella ice cream too, simply full of tastes of chocolate and nutella!

Went back to his home and I watched Bourne Identity. People start with it first, but I start with the last movie first and this 2nd. I have no idea when it was filmed but Matt Damon looked like a kid compared to the Bourne Ultimatum's character. It was good, didn't expect that I would find it nice. Cause you know, Casino Royale totally bored me out! Well I caught that on Fri with my patients and I nearly fell asleep, goes to show James Bond movie is not my type. Well, but I did feel very drained out after watching it, maybe I was tired from the previous night, which I slept at 4am, watching High School Musical with XM till late or early.

So when everyone was getting ready to go out on Sunday or still sleeping away, I woke up and went to work, yes first time on a Sunday. Organised an outing to Esplanade for out patients. It started with me thinking of a place for outing, and then I saw this email regarding the liason partnership with Esplanade, and then I thought, "Hey why not just ask is it possible?". Then it became so big till it became a big group outing on Sunday. So Jay T, Eunice, Geraldine, Chiu Ling, Eliz, Wendy, Ivy and LS came to help out today. Brought 39 patients out on 2 buses. Although it seemed like we had a lot of staff and only 39 patients, it was totally chaotic with so many bypassers around! Totally drained out energy out trying to ensure we didn't lose anyone. However, it all went well, the timing was perfect and we still got things going. Enjoyed myself in the concert too, now then I know they have Beautiful Sunday which is free entry.

Rushed off to Causeway Point and met up with Ting and Xiaowen. Went to Crystal Jade for dinner, had nice dumplings, pork chops in tomato sauce (pork chops! yummy!), lovely vegetables and brinjal (slurp!). Then we popped over to Swensons for ice cream. Xw saw my earrings and was tempted by it, so I brought her to the push cart and she bought 3 lovely pairs of earrings. We had so much fun joking, laughing and talking about silly stuff. Missed all this sessions with the girls. Got updated on so many things! Ting is now in NIE and gg to be a teacher and XW is back to CCTV business again! And some more she is talking about driving! Great to catch up with the girls, hope to catch up again in Oct and then I can pass XW her prezzie too!

Official 1st day of my leave on Monday! Hail to me! I'm gg to enjoy it to my fullest!


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