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Tuesday, September 18, 2007 Y 7:56 PM

I was told to write an article on the visit to Esplanade on the 9/92007. I'm not a writer and I had been racking my brains since morning to come up with something. Funny that I am actually a member of the IMH Link Committee, which supposingly I should write articles. I still remembered the fear I had when I was asked to join that committee. I nearly pulled my hair out trying to write and article for my department, to describe our services. Here's what I managed for the Esplanade outing, nothing too fantastic though.

A Beautiful Sunday at Esplanade 9/9/2007

Amidst the quiet surroundings of IMH, there was a bustling of activity going on in front of Occupational Therapy Department. A group of patients and OT staff are getting ready for their visit to Esplanade. The liason between IMH and Esplanade has opened up more pathways for mental health patients to integrate into the community; being closer and amidst the public, enjoying concerts and strolling along the beautiful waterfront at Esplanade, and taking in every sight of the Beautiful Singapore.

The whole journey was properly plan and coordinated, with assistance from the helpful and lovely staff of Esplanade. There were a group of ushers waiting at the entrance of Esplanade as patients got down the bus, ushering them through the busy mall and to the concert hall. The performance of the day was by the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra. During the one hour performance, you could see our patients clapping away happily with the others, mesmerized by the wonderful music played and smiling away at each other.

There was also a short stroll along the waterfront of Esplanade, where patients were ecstatic to see the Singapore signature, The Merlion, and the new floating stage and ferris wheel. As the walk was coming to an end and we were to head back to IMH, everyone gathered together for a final group photo shot. Smiling brightly at the camera, with eyes twinkling, memories of a Beautiful Sunday at Esplanade were captured in a flash.


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