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Saturday, September 1, 2007 Y 9:02 AM

I had a lousy Friday this week, well it was nice in overall, given that I had many nice things that happened. Only one lousy incident spoil my feelings and silly me, cried over the incident. I felt that I was being accused that I didn't do my job properly, and that I didn't respect people's privacy. Sigh, well thanks to my dear friends and bf who counseled me on the issue. Yeah, well, I did my best I could, I can't please everyone, especially if people are just trying to be difficult. I only wished I didn't had to cry to myself.

Anyway, I went to Changi Airport on Fri for community outing. It was very cathartic to walk around the airport, observing people around and watching the planes take off and land on ground. It was fun taking the sky train and watching air stewards/stewardesses walking around.

Met Azi on Fri evening too, spent the night with her and thank her so much that she was there to be with me, else I would be feeling very very sad due to that stupid incident. Mr Lim came by to, looked like crap with all the lack of sleep, but it's real sweet of you to come even though you are so tired and it was so late. Thanks very much!

Slept half of my Sat away, I think I was really stressed, I kept dreaming of setting appraisal targets with my staff and faces of them kept appearing. Glad that there was someone there beside me to accompany me else I would have woken up in shock. Knowing that your presence was there, I was really able to sleep better and well. Caught Ratatouille! It's a very very nice cartoon film, nice food, funny parts, truly catchy and entertaining.

Watched Zodiac on DVD too. It was a nice film but it was so slow at certain parts, I couldn't stop fidgetting around. I nearly wanted to fall asleep if I just sit there in the same position.

I can't wait for my holidays to come by, seriously I really want a break, I can't stand the stress I'm facing now. I have so little caseload, which I'm stressed over it and I have so many admin work. I hate this totally. Trying to increase my caseload by doing more extra things that aren't within my clinical load next month. So looking forward to my leave on the 10th yeah.


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