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Monday, August 6, 2007 Y 1:48 AM

Okie, I'm more awake today so I can tell you more about Corinne May's concert.

Caught it at NUS, some cultural hall building, I forgot the name (as usual). It was like 2 hours plus? But she sang alot of nice songs, she played the piano, and she had other people playing instruments for her. She can really sing very well in live when most people can't really sing live. While people are focusing on how good she sings, my bf is focusing on how tall she is. Seriously, I dunno what is he looking at or paying attention to, ahem ahem.

Sunday lunch with OT office 2 girls was cancelled cause the main character was sick. Went to Coronation Shopping Centre with Mr Lim instead. Seriously, he sucks in pronouncing it. He told me it was Carnation Plaza, and I was thinking that this place really must have a lot of carnations in it or they sell flowers or what. Turns out that it was CORONATION Shopping Centre, not that I know where it existed whether it was Carnation or Coronotion.

Anyway, we had lunch at this Prince Coffee House? I can't remember the name except the Prince part. They had really nice and yummy pork chops okie! And it was a huge huge huge serving, and in all it costs us $37.40 only (for 2 set meals, one drink, one soup, one large main course and dessert). And the setting was like those old coffee house (speaking of this, Mr Lim was like so excited over the vintage setting, see I think he is getting old. That's one of the symptoms of getting old, you start to get excited at seeing vintage stuff), with very ancient English oldies playing in the background. They sell Chinese food too! Next time must go try the food again, yummy yummy.

So we pop over to the Wine Connection (beside Coronation shopping centre) and got a birthday gift for my mom. The wines there are pretty cheap and reasonable and the manager was very nice to explain to us patiently. They have other branches in East Coast and Robertson Quay too.

Hee, I'm a sick cat today (not chicken okie, sick chicken sounds so gross). I have an eye infection, a throat infection, a flu and a headache. My eye vision is badly obscured. I can only see blur images with my left eye. The stupid medicine is blurring my vision.

Kudos to the one eye pirate! I'm joining Pirates of the Carribean soon.


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