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Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Y 9:42 AM

My cousin, Lat Lat, told me that she can't wait to die as she is afraid of her future. And that she can't wait for her life to be over because she is so sick of doing working for Maths. I was thinking that she is really mad, I don't even dare to think about when I'm old and frail and dying. I'm so scared of dying now, scares me whenever I imagine myself old and dying. I will wonder where I go to after death and whether I will ever have chance to live life again.

Been watching Honour and Passion on MobTV, it's very nice yeah! All about army and it's comical and funny and it's one of those Mediacorp shows that will attract me to watch it.

Reminded me of someone whom was wearing Army T Shirt when I saw him, ahaha, for a moment, I thought he was a freak okay. Kinda reminded me of my uncle (Dar and Shawn's father), who is in army and wears army T Shirt and shorts all the time. No wonder XM wanted to slap him if he is like Uncle. I would slap him too if he is like my Uncle.


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Tomorrow is a mystery
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That is why they call it
"the present."

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